Call for Visual Art

We invite you to submit your art and art proposals for the fourth annual South Australian Postgraduate and ECR Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Studies conference. Art(i)culations of Violence: Gender, sex, sexuality and the politics of injury and revivification will be held on July 13-14 at the Bradley Forum, University of South Australia City West Campus.

The aim of this conference is to bring together postgraduate students and early career researchers from across South Australia to share their work and research with their peers and to continue building a collegial and collaborative environment for South Australian and Australian students. This year’s theme aims to explore the multitude of ways in which gender, sex, sexuality and violence intersect and the many forms that violence takes – structural, personal, institutional, cultural, symbolic, epistemic, discursive and more. This theme is broad and can be applied to any number of issues, theoretical and practical, that affect the wider community.

In addition to critical and creative conference papers, we are seeking visual art displays by art students and emerging artists to be exhibited at the conference.

We are also searching for an art piece to feature on our Facebook page and website, and all conference materials.

Submit using the proforma:ART and send to:

Submissions close 28th April, 2017 (applicants notified by mid May, 2017).



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