Art(i)culating the Body: Writing Workshop with Dr Quinn Eades

Each year we run concurrent partner events along the conference to enhance our roots in in the Adelaide art community, and the broader Adelaide community. In short, this initiative is not just for the academic community but for the benefit of South Australia more generally.

This year, we are running two partner events and Art(i)culating the Body is one of them.

This workshop is a chance to meet and learn from award-winning poet, writer and researcher, Dr Quinn Eades. Eades writes at the nexus of trans, feminist and queer theories of the body, autobiography, and philosophy. He is published nationally and internationally, and is the author of all the beginnings: a queer autobiography of the body as well as the recently-released poetry collection, Rallying. Eades is a Lecturer at La Trobe University, and is also the founding editor of the journal Writing from Below. He is currently working on a fragmented autobiography of his body titled Transpositions.

The workshop focus will be on writing from (rather than about) life experiences and the body, particularly around gender and sexuality. Quinn will discuss the politics of life writing, and the ways that writing stories from ‘other’ bodies can broaden minds and promote social change. Quinn will share information about his own writing practice, and then set a series of writing exercises, some of them to music. If you haven’t written for a long time, think your story is not important enough to write, or have dreamt of writing but never put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper, then this workshop is for you: you will leave with words.

The workshop is free, because we want to make this exciting opportunity accessible to all. However, for those who have the means to do so, a small donation would be appreciated to help cover costs. Writers centres typically charge $50 or more for a two hour workshop. We would be thrilled with donations of $15-20 from those with full-time employment, and $5-15 from those who are part-time, casually employed or on student scholarships (e.g. as PhD candidates). However, smaller donations will also be appreciated, because every bit counts. And those who are unemployed or otherwise facing financial difficulties are still very welcome to attend for free. (To each what they need and from each what they can).

Art(i)culating the Body is happening at the UniSA City West campus on the 12 July, 2-4pm. You can register here.

Image by James Photographic Services