Meet the Team

Aisha 1

Aisha is a PhD candidate at The University of Adelaide, currently collecting qualitative data through participant observation and semi-structured interviews. Her anthropological research looks at the way homelessness as an experience and identity shapes directly and / or indirectly reproductive and sexual health outcomes for women who have experienced or are experiencing homelessness.  The focus is on the way women themselves perceive and manage their reproductive and sexual health care needs and wishes. Outside academia Aisha is learning the art and craft of printmaking. She also likes napping with her dog Max and dreams of a clean house and a thriving vegetable garden.

Alice 1

Alice Farmer is a para-academic, theorist, and artist. Their main focuses are research into Patchwork, Unconditional Accelerationism, and Deleuze. They are mostly found in the ‘virtual’ but can be found as a flesh-body in Adelaide, Australia.

Amelia 1

Amelia Walker completed her PhD in early 2016 through the University of South Australia, where she now works. She has also worked as a school workshop poet, a fitness instructor and a nurse. Amelia has published three poetry collections and three poetry resource books. You can see her published papers here.

Biannca 1

Biannca recently dove into the world of research with her Honours year of study, and plans to change history education across the nation. Her studies focus on the post-colonial military efforts and cooperation of Malaysia and Australia and the accessibility of information for younger audiences. Biannca probably owns more books than a library, and her most-loved hobby is to add to her collection—much to the disdain of everyone else in the house.

Chloe 1

Chloe Cannell is a student at the University of South Australia undertaking her Honours year in the Bachelor of Arts (English and Creative Writing). Her research focuses on young adult literature and queer writing and she is currently producing an anthology of queer young adult short stories for her Honours project. Chloe also contributes lifestyle and food reviews to Weekend Notes.

Genevieve 1

Genevieve is a first year PhD candidate at Adelaide University. Her PhD research analyses how Culturally and Linguistically Diverse South Australian communities perceive, utilise and experience Advance Care Planning in preparing for the end of life. Her Honours research analysed the representation of femininities in the popular Japanese shōnen manga (boys comic) Naruto Shippūden. In her spare time she researches the conceptions and representations of death in popular culture by binge-watching The Walking Dead.

Kristi 1

Kristi is a third year PhD Candidate at the University of Adelaide. Her PhD research explores mental health clinicians’ perceptions and experiences of sexuality and sexual health in their work using a critical perspective. Kristi’s research interests lie more broadly in sexuality and sexual health (care & rights), LGBT-QIA health, and disability. When she isn’t working or organising conferences, you can find Kristi marveling at nature and enjoying the sunshine.

Mariane 1

Mariane is researching the personal, cultural and organisational factors that contribute to how men engage with the workforce, with the aim of understanding the current structures that contribute to gender inequality.  Marianne’s work is supported by the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia.  When she isn’t working on her PhD, Marianne likes spending time with her family.

Paul 1

Paul is an anthropologist, currently writing the first draft of his PhD thesis. His research explores the human-non-human relationships of contemporary electronic music practice in Adelaide. This has involved semi-structured interviews with a range of music producers, and participant observation in a lot of clubs. Paul also enjoys making noise, gardening and hanging out with friends and family.

Shawna 1

Shawna Marks is a PhD candidate at Flinders University and a mentor on the SAGSS committee. Her PhD research explores the “sexual culture” of South Australian amateur footballers. The project focuses on intersections between social constructions of masculinity and heterosexuality, male peer groups, sporting culture, and sexual violence. In her spare time, Shawna likes to convince people to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, look at dogs on the internet, play with people’s dogs, and dream about finishing her PhD so that she can get a dog.

Simone 1

Simone is a second year PhD student and tutor in the School of Creative Industries, University of South Australia. Her research focuses on encounters with harassment on public transport in particular, and gender and affect more broadly. When she isn’t talking about her latest public transport encounter, Simone enjoys hanging out with her cat, playing guitar, singing, watching 90’s movies, and beer tasting.

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